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My name is Anne Jillett.

I live and work in Far North Queensland Australia. My studio is situated deep in the rainforest overlooking the canopy to the spectacular  Wooroonooran National Park. 

All things textile have held a fascination for me since early childhood. This passion combined with a deep love of the natural world inspires and informs my practice of sculptural basketry and contemporary embroidery. Specifically, I am drawn to the ocean and it's beachscapes, as well as the drama and colour of the wild desert country of Central and Northern Australia. 

During recent times as the world, and we, have grappled with bush fires, drought, floods, and a pandemic, my own creative practice has undergone a quantum shift. I have pursued a different direction by enrolling and studying ceramics at our local TAFE. Thus, I have changed the name for my webpage from Ellis Road Fibre Art, to Ellis Road Arts. I have found that as I explore the new medium of clay, my sense of connection to the earth has been deepened and expanded. So everything I do is a reference to the beauty of the natural world and at times a comment on the effects of human interaction with it.